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Anonymous inquired: Bartolomeo and robin in 8


bart is such a fanboy i love them


"Nami, Nojiko..No matter what happens, don't ever hate the world you were born under. Don't ever lose the strength to smile no matter what..Because if you keep living on, you'll surely come accross fun times as well!"
briarcreed inquired: I love the Dadan one! Could you do Otohime 1 or Dragon 13 please?




Sorry for the incredibly long wait!

And thanks to those who peeked their head in at the livestream..hope the stream wasn’t too bad of quality XD

That isn’t titan blood 8D

alemanriq : Levihan #6

Hanji is my babe, and this might be my otp but I couldn’t care less about Levi…except when I can make fun of him, the clean freak moron~ Ale-chan knows what I mean 8D


Luffy Riding on Kyro’s Shoulders Chapter 754

this is adorable

カン十郎 || Kanjūrō


Chapter 754: Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance


I’m just full of feels, so …have this sketch~


2 OP fanarts in 2 days, i really am procrastinating. ( P.S. Free Worldwide shipping on my Society6 shop ends this Thursday )

Doflamingo: You changed Law, you used to aimed to destroy everything like me
Law: I was like 6 years old, your 41 now. Grow up

It seems I don’t forget YGO’s style xD

beamthechao: Anzu #4
crazysapphireangel: Kaiba #4

Had lots of fun with these, sorry for the long wait girls xD…and Jess that palette for Kaiba GOD, you know my hobby is to torment him so I had to do this o^o