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If they can’t have a happy ending at least give them a happy interim

I really like that you compared Rosinante and Doflamingo's relationship to the one Vash and Knives had in Trigun. I agree so far and hope Oda goes along that way somehow, instead of making Rosinante eager to kill his brother mercilessly


Thank you! I’ve very proud to say the Vash/Knives relationship is a possibility that I picked up on all the way back at the end of May:

Maybe Corazón stayed with Doflamingo despite having serious issues with his cruelty because they were the only family either of them had left (now I’m being seriously reminded of Knives and Vash from Trigun). Maybe Corazón stayed with Doflamingo because by being at his side he could protect people from Doflamingo. (from this ask)

And like in Trigun (spoilers for the end of the anime—not sure if the manga ends the same or not), Vash didn’t want to kill his brother, even after all the absolutely horrendous things he had done and all the people he murdered. He defeated his brother in the end but didn’t kill him, and took him with him to ideally change the person he is.

And I think that’s what Cora means when he talks about “stopping” or “reigning in” Doflamingo’s madness. I don’t think Cora ever wanted to kill Doflamingo, but rather do what he could at Doflamingo’s side to keep others from joining him or being hurt by him. If Cora wanted to kill Doflamingo, then why not poison him or cut his neck in his sleep? Cora can even control sound, so a nighttime assassination should be entirely possible for him. I think that’s a sign that Cora never had an intention to kill his brother to stop him.



Can we just talk about how awesome Vice-Admiral Tsuru is for a moment?

Apparently, she’s so intimidating and powerful that fourteen years ago, Donquixote Doflamingo himself grabbed his crew and skedaddled rather than confront her.

Please remember that this is the very same Donquixote Doflamingo who had very few compunctions in attacking an Admiral.

Vice-Admiral Tsuru is very cool, ok

(Also, I’m very upset that both MangaPanda and Mangastream didn’t translate Tsuru’s name. This particular translation comes from the lovely amaitsumi) 

Also the first time we do see her with Doflamingo, when Doflamingo is a warlord and is being a ass as usual, making marines fight each other she tells him of like a little kid 

awesome marine


Law’s main goal in this arc is not just wanting to kill doflamingo for killing Corazon, his most cherished person who saved his live.  

Instead his main goal and reason for going after Doflamingo has always been to fulfil Corazon’s life goal of stopping Doflamingo

Pirates are evil? The Marines are righteous? These terms have always changed throughout the course of history!


The advice that absolutely no one follows for the rest of the show

Cavendish is already a prodigy at swordplay. But Hakuba is twice as strong, even! His predisposition to fall back asleep after appearing, though… is quite unsuitable for a contest-style match.