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Spartos in palette 15 for symphoniclolita


A Week Without Regrets
Day 1 → General
just precious ASL babies being happy~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


A Week Without Regrets
Day 1 → General
just precious ASL babies being happy~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I’m just a bastard child, don’t let it go to your head
I’m just a waste of your time, maybe I’m better off dead
You turn us loose in the night, I’m fucking Jekyll and Hyde
We’ll have the time of our lives, although we’re dying inside.

{A Week Without Regrets Day 2: Lyrics/Quotes}


A Week Without Regrets - Day 1: General


Gosh, Nami is just such a great character because she had every reason to say that she hated fishmen because of what Arlong did to her and her village. But she doesn’t, she makes it very clear that she only hates Arlong. She even goes so far as to completely forgive Hachi, who was a member of Arlong’s crew when he took over her village, and Jinbe, who was responsible for freeing Arlong and allowing him to wreak havoc in East Blue in the first place. She harbors no ill-will and no hatred for them, she forgives them completely and even feels sympathy for them because they’ve been holding resentment towards themselves for the things they did. Nami is such a genuinely kind, compassionate, and overall strong character and it is absolutely incomprehensible to me that there are people who don’t like her. Nami is an abolsutely incredible character. 

misshapensharks inquired: I just learned that apparently there is a condition called "Place Blindness" or topographic agnosia where a person can't use visuals to direct themselves and can become lost in familiar environments. It made me think of Zoro immediately! On a related note, face blindness makes me think of Luffy.


Oh yeah… Prosopagnosia is the cognitive impairment of facial recognition. It’s super plausible with Luffy. People with prosopagnosia usually need to reply on other indicators to identify people, like hair style/color, body shape, voices, clothing, and so on.


He’s got green hair, three swords, and a white shit, so he’s gotta be Zoro, right? And he’s got blond hair, curly eyebrows, and smokes, so he’s gotta be Sanji. And it also makes sense for how Luffy thinks that Sanji and Duval and Sanji’s wanted poster look the same.


If Luffy (and Oz, who had Luffy’s personality and mind) can only differentiate faces based on their object features (hair color, hair style, eyebrow shape, etc.), rather than the face itself as a whole, it would make sense that to Luffy, there’s no real difference between how Sanji and his poster look.

And it would also make sense with how Luffy often gives people nicknames based on their physical appearance, like calling Kuma “the guy who looks like a bear” (because of his size and his hat, which has bear ears on it), calling Shiki “steering wheel guy,” and even calling Bartolomeo “chicken head.” If Luffy is able to focus on a specific, very distinct object feature of a person’s appearance, I imagine it makes recognizing them a lot easier.

I only wrote about Luffy here, but it’s super likely that Zoro has some kind of topographical disorientation. I think he could have heading disorientation or topographical agnosia, though I think the first might be more likely. Zoro seems to be unable to comprehend what north is, and equates it with up, and has a hard time telling left and right apart, or conceptualize things like “go right at this landmark.” He could have both tho.


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A Week Without Regrets

Day 1, 27th July: General
Allow me to introduce… Ace, Sabo and Luffy.

A WEEK WITHOUT REGRETS | Day 1 - General: First Meeting

Title: Sogeking Song




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Yoh guys!!! so I’ve finally sorted the winners, I’ve got about 50 requests, where only 40 counted cuz the others didn’t have the words 1K REQUEST, so for these fellas, be more careful next time! n3n I ultimately picked 14 (15 plus law11super) cuz I didn’t think I’d have so many participants xD and for the ones who didn’t make it, better luck next time (: still, THANK YOU A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND CONGRATS YOU SENT ;v;

Anyway, here the winners!

- whisklash
- pineappleheadmarco
- queentorra
- maridoodles
- raccoon-ya
- shiroyoh
- diablejambe-sanji
- gazpacho-lover
- shi-no-tamashi
- masoquist-megido
- ferchozaki
- ask-revolutionary-sabo
- purplepuppet
- beamthechao

I will be doing 2 sketch dumps with the OP ones and another one for the non OP c: they may be done by next week xD the requests are hella fun I can’t wait to draw them!